Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 2
Cookie instructions

In order for cookie enabled web pages to work correctly, they need to be able to save information in the form of a cookie. (A cookie is a small string of letters and numbers that a web page requests your web browser to store.  They are needed for certain forms to work properly).  However, your computer has been setup to block all cookies.  If you wish to gain the full benefit of the site, please follow the instructions.


While in Internet explorer click on the 'Tool' menu bar and then Internet options.


You will now see the options box displayed, click on the 'Delete Files' button.  Then Click OK.  This will delete temporary files that clog your hard drive.  This will not harm your pc at all.  In fact it should be done at least once per month.



Then Click on the 'Privacy' tab.



This will show you what settings you have on your machine.

Click on Sites... This will open a new window named
Per Site Privacy Actions.



Type into the box.

Click Allow.




Once is in the bottom box

Click OK to close the Per Site Privacy Actions Box.





Click on OK to close the Internet Options window.




It's usually a good idea to restart your pc so that the new settings will be definitely enabled. If you are still having a problem, please contact us.