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How to get FREE SHIPPING from Amazon
and make money, too!

bday If you love Amazon but hate paying for shipping, your dreams have just been answered!

Right now, if you purchase something on Amazon that is less than $35 and is sold by Amazon, you are charged a shipping fee, based upon where you live.

If you are a college student, however, you are eligible to participate in a FREE PROGRAM called Amazon Prime for Students. This program provides you the opportunity to receive FREE two-day shipping on millions of items sold by Amazon along with exclusive deals, discounts and promotions for students, with no minimum purchases required.

Make $10 for each one of your friends, too! (REALLY!)
In addition to getting FREE SHIPPING on all items sold by Amazon, this incredible program also makes it possible for you to earn a earn a $10 Amazon credit for each friend that you refer to the program. Your friend does NOT need to make a purchase. Instead, your friend just needs to complete the easy registration.

bday Click on this link to sign up for this incredible opportunity from Amazon.